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Top Off The Heat


Summer is a time when the temperature goes up, up and away. Just yesterday it was 38 degrees. And today it was 39 degrees.

Even though we have so much facilities, like fans, A.Cs, UPS etc. Yet we complain. we say “Ufff ye manhoos garmi”. And we complain while sitting at home, or in a classroom (which at least has a fan) or in air conditioned cars or offices. Ever think about the people who have no such things? Who find fan as a luxury. Who live in Katchay Makan etc. They don’t even have the facility of chilled, clean drinking water.

It was shaming to see all these folks doing so much hard work in this scrounging heat, while us enjoying the time of our lives. All this thinking and then being given the opportunity to help these folks, we friends decided to launch a campaign where we will…

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